Scruples is a company founded by Hair Stylists and still owned by Hair Stylists. It strives to create looks and products that are the best for all users. They have a professional hair care line for all ages. 

At Dimensions Salon, we carry Scruples products for your convenience. You will never find these products at a drug store or major retailer. You can only purchase these through an Integrity Salon. 

Johnny B.

Johnny B. hair products was founded by a Barber in California. He saw a need for products for men to add shine and control without overpowering the overall look. 

At Dimensions Salon, we carry Johnny B. hair care products for your convenience. These products have rich but not overwhelming scents to provide lasting hold to achieve the look that you desire. 

Other Professional Products

At Dimensions Salon, we also carry other professional products for your convenience. Have a specific request? Just ask.

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