Service Descriptions

Ever wonder what to say to your stylist to explain what you want?
Pictures are worth a thousand words!
Bring in your photos of what you like at your appointment so we know we'll be speaking the same language.
Here's a photo gallery of the terms that I use so you can get familiar with my style in the salon. 

The Blondy

The Blondy is a specialized coloring service that enhances the warmth or coolness of your blonde by selecting the best path to achieve your best blonde look. 

Children's Haircuts

Getting a Haircut
Children's haircuts are for young kids who need a simple trim to see their precious eyes. 


Precision Haircut - Short Textured Angle

Precision haircuts include the angle cut, pixies, bixies, bobs, and more. 


Long Haircut - Blunt/All one length

Long hair needs to be cut with precision so you can feel confident every day!

The Perfected Perm

This perm is the best and natural looking curl for hair that sits above the shoulders. 

Specialized Styling

When you have a special moment that needs great hair, a specialized style will make you feel your best for your important day. 


Pedicures are a luxurious way of tending to your feet. Having healthy feet is foundational to your overall health. 

Make Up

Make Up has changed a lot over the decades. New trends come in and go out quickly. Come and learn the best techniques for your individualized needs.

The Brunette

The brunette is a dimensional color service that allows time to create the best tone on tone variation to enhance the warmth or coolness of your brunette.

Modern Fade and Hard Parts

Modern fades and hard parts are in style. Not your typical fade of the 90's. This fade is for the guy who likes to have great looking hair for work or play. 

Haircut Medium: Lob/Textured

Hair that falls between the chin and shoulders is considered to be medium length. Adding texture can create volume. Lobs are a great way to add shape to hair that benefits from movement.

Long Haircut - Long Layers

long layers.png
Long hair needs to be cut with precision. Layers add movement and releases weight for the optimal shape for your best look. 

The Perfected Perm Lengthened

This is a perm service for those whose hair falls below the shoulders. A special technique is used to curl long hair. 

Gel Acrylic Full Sets and Fills and Overlays

cuticle care
Gel acrylic is the healthier way to enhance your nail length and appearance with minimal affect on your natural nails. 


Close Up Manicure
Manicures are basic nail care that shapes and trims the nail while also tending to the cuticle.

Mini Facials

Getting a Facial
Love the benefits of a facial but don't have a lot of time? Try a mini facial and add it to your haircut or color appointment.