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Essential Oils

from Young Living

at Dimensions Salon

          I am a member of Young Living Essential Oils. I love being a member because there are literally no hidden agendas with being a member! I get a discount and earn free products just for purchasing one time a year!!! That's right! I just have to place one order per year and I get to stay active! 

          I don't have to sell directly, I don't have to recruit, I don't have to have so many people signed up under me. I simply order the products I love, share the information I have, and get to spread health and wellness!

          I was introduced to Young Living a few years ago from a friend when I was talking about having trouble sleeping. She recommended Lavender oil and gave me a sample. That first night I slept all night and felt rested! I always knew that smelling Lavender helps to calm and had used some from the chain store. But it didn't help me as much as one drop of this oil in my palm and breathing it in! 

         Since then, I have purchased and used different oils in my house and on my skin. I love each one! I even drink a few of them in my water and I feel better. I've always been skeptical but I truly feel a difference. I love that this company owns its fields and distilleries so that they know exactly what is in the bottles! 

          I highly recommend that if you're looking into or have already used essential oils that you check out Young Living. Be sure to show them that I sent you. Use my number 10280035 so we can be linked together and I can help you along the way! 



If you are new to essential oils and their uses, then click on the Let's Talk link above and email me your questions about it.

If you need any help in using oils, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Already familiar with Young Living Essential Oils and know what you'd like to order? Click here to register as a member. Be sure to check the box and enter the number 10280035 for the ID Number on the screen to the right that says this:

Who introduced you to Young Living?

I was referred by a member and have their ID numbers

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