My favorite product is Scruples Texture Fix. It's a great spray for my hair to control and create waves that will last all day. In the summer, it's great for around the pool too as it gives me the look that I want. I always keep it on hand.

Allie Lark

Center Point

I am really late with this, but a huge shout out to Morgan for making our Morgan look amazing! Thank you so much!!!

Diane Veth

Clay City

[in regards to Malibu's Hard Water Shampoo/Conditioner Combo Pack]

Love this! After I wash my hair, it was completely different! And we have a water softener. 

Jennifer Bedwell


Krista, Got to tell you I really like my hair again! This color is great and the style is so easy especially with the Scruples serum and Scruples root lifter products.

Jorita Wilson


OMG I CANNOT BRAG ENOUGH ON Krista Dayhoff ..She is totally worth the trip to Clay City...Color Specialist TO THE MAX..Not to mention she has the versatile personality of an ANGEL. I WILL NEVER LET ANYONE ELSE DO MY HAIR AGAIN, AS LONG AS SHE IS CAPABLE!!!!

Yvonne Harrington


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