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Krista is the Owner and Stylist.

    Welcome to Dimensions Salon,

gorgeous! I’m Krista Dayhoff,

originally from Brazil but now

proudly serving our Clay City


     As a mom of an energetic boy,

I know exactly how important it is

to feel special, pampered, and

beautiful in a relaxing ambiance.

I’ve designed my salon in a way

that will leave you feeling uplifted,

relaxed, more confident, and

listened to more than you’ve ever

felt before.


     I’ve been a licensed stylist since

2012 and have never been more in

love with my craft than now. I specialize in precision haircuts and

color services for the entire family. I take pride in the fact that I stay on top of the industry trends and learn from leaders of the art.

     In the fall of 2023, I decided to pare down my schedule to be able to fulfill the duties of my first dream job of being a wife and a mother ahead of my career. I am in the salon offering appointments three days a week, Wednesdays-Fridays. This gives me the ability to dote on my son as he's growing up too fast! 

     I am often found working in my flower beds or garden during the warmer months. I enjoy getting my hands dirty in potting soil and adding to my landscape each spring. I can also be found settled in with a good novel to read. Also, if you want to chat Bible stories with me, you're welcome to bring it up. 

    I don’t miss an opportunity to listen to Dolly Parton. While I love all music, country (especially old country) is my favorite. My husband is the king of music trivia! I love getting fresh music inspiration from my guests so I can try to stump him! When you come to Dimensions Salon, you get to choose the music we listen to because you get to have a private appointment with minimal interruptions.

     I’m not a great cook and definitely far from a chef but, when I get in the baking mood, you’ll often get to try my latest sweet tooth craving confection, such as cakes and cookies. (Sometimes, it’s donuts, cookies, or a classic candy that came from the store!)

     Click here to check out my service menu or Click here to book an appointment for you or your family. Email me at if you have any questions.

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