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Welcome Friends of

Family is very important to me. I truly believe that we need a great support system around us everyday. That's why I am proud to support Blondy's Antiques and Treasures. It is my family's family business. 

That's one reason why I am so excited to be able to show some appreciation to all of you for also supporting Blondy's! 

Today, I am inviting each customer of Blondy's Antiques and Treasures to visit Dimensions Salon in Clay City and see what services I can provide to you. Click here to learn more about what all is offered. 

Book an appointment with Krista online by clicking here to fill out the necessary form and mention this code BLONDYS2021 in the comment/notes section to receive a special offer of 20% off your first visit! You'll be contacted directly to schedule your first appointment. 

Thanks so much for shopping at Blondy's Antiques and Treasures and visiting Dimensions Salon

Blondy's Antiques and Treasures

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