Please select the option that most fits your needs. 

Unsure of which is best?

Select Consultation so that Dimensions Salon can assist you in finding a solution to your needs.

Would you like more information first? Call us here to get answers fast. 


Have you been thinking of a major hair change? Not sure which path to follow? Go lighter or go darker? 

Has it been way too long since your last salon visit and you don't know where to start?

Or maybe it's more comfortable to meet in person to discuss how to move forward. 

A consultation may be the best service to start with for you.

(15 minutes)


Haircut & Style

Are you wanting to book a haircut as its own appointment?

Or are you looking to add a haircut to a color or perm service?

Shampoo, Conditioning, Scalp Massage, and styling are part of the experience.

If you're considering possible color services, we can use your haircut appointment to consult for future appointments. 

(45 minutes +

15 minutes)

Starting at $25

All Over Color

Looking to cover up that stubborn gray?


Wanting to go darker, or just change the tone of your current color?

This service would normally be for brunettes, redheads, or darker colors. 

Bring your hair back to life. 

(2 hour service)

Starting at $65


Looking for highlights, balayage, all over blonde, or to just generally go lighter?

Are you a brunette or redhead looking to add a soft dimensional color? 

Select this option!

Includes blowdry and style and "The Refresher" conditioning treatment. 

(3 hours + 30 minutes)

Starting at $135

Searching for that substantial amount of blonde?


Wanting to have a very dimensional balayage? 


Cool & icy tones? Both highlights and shadows? Get rid of excessive warmth and brassiness? Blend out the chunky bold highlights?


Haven't had your hair colored in 5 months or longer?


This option is for you!


Includes blowdry and style and "The Reconstructor" conditioning treatment.


(4+ hours) 

Starting at $160


Looking to add curl to your current style?


Wanting to have more body or volume in your hair?

This service would be for those who need to add curl or control their current curl.

The perm creates a customized curl pattern for those with hair that touches the shoulders or shorter. 

The spiral perm creates a customized curl pattern for those with hair that touches any point of the back below the collar bone.

(3-4 hour + 30 minutes service)

Starting at $85

Signature Blonding