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Welcome Nurses!

Wow, has this been a rocky time for you all! I mean, wow! And I'm sure that you have had many days that left you questioning why you're even where you are!

That's one reason why I am so excited to be able to show some appreciation to all of you hard working nurses and aids in every department of the hospital! You have a lot of tasks that may seem minial but they are important to the patient. You have tasks that many do not want to do no matter the paycheck. You have tasks that are glossed over when recruiting new students into the medical field. And you have tasks that are forever life changing. You see and hear things that cannot be forgotten. You get to witness miracles and also witness evils in this world. You may never get the praise you fully deserve by superiors and outside the walls of the building you work in. You may only get the anger and cruel criticism. 

But today, I am inviting each of you to visit Dimensions Salon and see what services I can provide to you. 

For each of you, I am gifting a special offer of                          your first appointment with me.

Simply let me know that you work in the healthcare field when booking your appointment, and I'll take care of applying the gift at check-out. 

As you can tell by the treats that you received, some of your colleagues have already become a member of the Dimensions Salon "club". They have been gifted a special treat for their assistance in showing you appreciation. 

Click here to access the New Guest Form
to begin the process of scheduling your first appointment at Dimensions Salon. Once you submit the form, you'll be contacted directly to schedule your appointment.

Thanks so much for visiting

$10 off

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